Welcome to the TNC Manufacturing SDN BHD.

TNC Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is located in Senai, Johor, Malaysia. TNC Manufacturing main focus to build office accessories such as office chair, office sofa and office furniture. Besides that, TNC Manufacturing are also build some other furniture series such as bar chairs, high back mesh chairs, mesh chairs and metal framework. TNC Manufacturing has over than 10 years of professional experience in production, manufacturing and supply chain in all sectors such as raw material, the production process and product quality have strict quality control management.

TNC Manufacturing products are innovative and unique design – attractive appearance, high quality, exquisite craft, are deeply welcomed by customers. Office furniture design fully reflects the style, comfort and durability. We always committed to provide new product development and innovation to meet the needs of an ideal working environment, a successful design for each market.

Great Support

TNC Manufacturing provide good technical support and assistance to customers.

High Quality.

TNC Manufacturing product is build by high quality material and meticulous skill to ensure high quality.

Competitive Pricing.

TNC Manufacturing product is build by own and without any extra cost.

TNC Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian own company and was formed with a full vision to complete successfully in the open market as export company delivered to local and America, Europe, Singapore and Arabic country including Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait.

Qualities of every product that produces by company are fully inspected by experience workers. We take the quality matter as our first priority. We tested the strength, hardness, stability and the period of lifetime of our products. Since we are trusted by clients over 10 years in our services, so we take the responsibility of every product that have been purchased for three years. This means, we are guaranteed the products for three years.

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